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Customer stories

Nimetön malli (52)

"We appreciate that our needs were thoroughly reviewed so that Uuva could create a sufficient understanding of our operations. The system is able to adapt to our complex entity and we have the willpower to solve our challenges in cooperation."

Maarit Helander, Talliosake

Nimetön malli (53)

"Uuva helps in all areas of Asuntoneuvoya, enabling credible payment reminder and collection functions."

Mikko Finne, Suomen Asuntoneuvoja Oy

Nimetön malli (54)

"The service we have received has been personal, which has made managing things easy, effortless and time-saving. The Customer Portal has also facilitated the real-time monitoring of payments, thus preventing possible duplication."

Kim Heino, Hurrikaanit Ympäristöhuolto Oy

Nimetön malli (55)

"We were looking for a flexible, entrepreneur-friendly solution for the repatriation of receivables, and that's what we got from Uuva."

Jouni Varpelaide, Wanha Satama Interactive Oy

Nimetön malli (56)

"Communicating with Uuva is easy and flexible. Now even small collection orders are cost-effective."

Petri Tuomela, Confetti Oy

Nimetön malli (57)

"Uuva finances the sales invoices and thus also manages any collection on behalf of the company."

Annamari Havukainen, Merit Software Oy

Nimetön malli (58)

"We recommend Uuva especially because of the smoothness of cooperation and quick solutions to problem situations."

Ron Lammi, Omenaboksi

Nimetön malli (59)

"Communication has been easy and cooperation was also easily started"

Matti Ikäläinen, Eeco Oy