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Frequently asked questions about our services

See below for answers to our customers' concerns.

FAQ invoicing- debt collection - financing 

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Do you have any questions regarding our services? See below for frequently asked questions regarding invoicing, debt collection or financing!

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Frequently asked questions about invoicing

How does the billing service work?
Using the service is very easy. You just transfer the invoice material electronically to us, and we will take care of the rest. Invoices are sent with your company's logos and information.
What is the benefit of the invoicing service?
By outsourcing invoicing to Uuva, you free up your company's time and money for productive activities - this way you get a significant boost to your cash flow. 
What is a credit recommendation service?
The credit recommendation service monitors the credit recommendation of your customers and tells them whether it is worth selling to them with an invoice. This service can be easily connected to your billing service.
How does Uuva Cloud- service work?
With personalized Uuva Cloud IDs, you get all the reports you need to stay up-to-date and monitor the status of your receivables. The reports can be directly exported to accounting and this makes the accountant's work easier.
Is your invoicing service right for my small business?
Our invoicing service is suitable for organizations of all sizes, regardless of the invoicing amount. The invoicing service includes the entire invoicing process, from printing and delivering invoices to the reminder service and possible collection. Ask our sales for more!

Frequently asked questions about financing

How can I apply for invoice financing?
If you already use Uuva's invoicing system or Uuva Cloud, you can fill out the application directly there. Otherwise, please contact our sales!
Are there risks in invoice financing?

Invoice financing is quite risk-free and, in the best case, an investment for the future!

If you have an industry where the cash register needs to be secured, for example due to salary payment or subcontracting (that is, a lot of money is tied up before you can sell your products), there is no risk if the products are sold.

If you finance the invoice or sale, take that into account in the pricing. In this way, the financing costs do not eat up the margin.

Can the company choose which invoices it wants to finance?
Yes, you can, but usually everything is financed. However, you can decide for yourself which invoices you want to finance, our sales will be happy to advise you further.
How quickly can my company get invoice financing?
In the best case, already during the same day. Ask our sales for more!
How quickly will the money be transferred to my account after selling the invoice?
Generally speaking, the same day, depending a little on bank traffic.

Frequently asked questions about debt collection

What is the benefit of your debt collection service?

With professionalism and properly managed collection, slow and costly legal processes are often avoided. We always strive for good and constructive things
to cooperate with our clients and debtor customers.

With the help of debt collection, the circulation of money is accelerated, we monitor the payments on behalf of our customers every day, and settlements are carried out with invoice-specific references every day. In a nutshell; you make your business even more profitable when you can be sure that you have maximized the certainty of getting the money that belongs to you.

When should debt collection begin?
Good time to start is a week after the payment reminder, if no payment has been made.
What does it cost to use the debt collection service?

There is no opening or monthly fee for our service. Voluntary collection is always free of charge, unless you have to bill, for example, for breach of contract.

If legal collection is required, the costs are determined on a case-by-case basis. The customer pays the VAT for the collection costs when he is liable for VAT, but he can treat these as a pass-through item and deduct them in his own taxation.

What kind of costs will the collection incur for my client?

In the case of consumer receivables, according to the law, the reasonable collection costs arising from the collection can be demanded. According to the law, notice costs of 5 euros, as well as late payment interest according to the Interest Act, can be claimed for the payment reminder sent to the consumer.

The collection costs of consumer receivables are regulated by law and they rise according to the capital receivable. The table can be found in Section 10 of the Debt Collection Act.

In corporate receivables, the collection costs are always case-specific, which is affected by the work done, the amount of capital, etc. There is therefore no fixed price list for them. If necessary, ask more about our sales!

Does my assignment automatically go to legal collection?
The reminders will be sent automatically, but legal debt collection doesn't. We will contact you before starting legal collection and discuss the matter with you.
How fast will I get the money?

Collection success is always case-by-case and at Uuva we do our best. Collection actions are always influenced by the debtor's ability and willingness to pay.

Often, the debtor pays the receivable already after the first collection letter, but sometimes the debt has to be collected for a longer time, either in subsequent collection or legal collection.

Do I have to pay the collection costs myself if the debtor does not pay the receivables despite collection efforts?

You don't. If the receivables cannot be collected due to the debtor's insolvency, the collection costs will be Uuva's loss. This can happen, for example, if the debtor dies or is declared bankrupt, and the estate does not have the funds to pay the debt.

Often, however, collection is continued either by transferring the claim to subsequent collection or by preparing a subpoena application for the claim to the competent district court. The correct procedure is always determined on a case-by-case basis.

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