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Services for the entire life cycle of the invoice

We make invoicing and repatriating money easy. You just create an invoice and we take care of everything else for you.



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Did you receive a letter or invoice from us?

Don't worry, things will work out. We know that there are countless reasons why an invoice might go unpaid. We are also happy to negotiate different payment plans.


Did you get an invoice?

Our services


Billing service

Invoicing service – full-service invoice lifecycle management. You can use our expertise in sending invoices, managing ledgers, reminding, collection and customer service related to the entire life cycle of the invoice. You save time and money, and through us you also take care of the customer relationship. Our services are suitable for companies of all sizes.

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Debt collection

Uuva collection covers the entire collection process, from voluntary collection to legal and subsequent collection. We have decades of experience in debt collection, during which we have refined our processes to be as efficient as possible, but customer-friendly.

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Our financing service gives you almost 100% financing for your sales invoices, so you receive the entire amount of the open invoice as a one-time payment to your company's account, minus only the financing commission and processing fee. You will receive the money as soon as you can take advantage of cash and cash discounts on your own purchases. You can also offer your own customers even more competitive payment terms.

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Uuva Cloud Kaikki tarvittava helppoon laskutukseen.

Uuva Cloud - service for the needs of small entrepreneurs

Invoicing doesn't get any easier than this! Use the Uuva Cloud invoicing service and let us take care that you get the money to your account within the deadline. From us, you can get everything you need under one roof - inexpensively, but with first-class service.

Try for free for 30 days how UUVA CLOUD facilitates your company's invoicing!

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Customer stories

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We appreciate that our needs were carefully reviewed so that Uuva could create a sufficient understanding of our operations. The system is able to adapt to our complex whole and cooperation is the willpower to solve our challenges.

Maarit Helander, Talliosake

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Uuva helps in all areas of Asuntoneuvoja, enabling credible payment reminders and collection functions.

Mikko Finne, Suomen Asuntoneuvoja Oy

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We were looking for a flexible, entrepreneur-friendly solution for the repatriation of receivables, and we got one from Uuva.

Jouni Varpelaide, Wanha Satama Interactive Oy

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Make your invoicing easy

We are happy to provide additional information about the invoicing service and our other services related to the management of the invoice lifecycle.

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