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All personal data processing related to the company’s operations is taken seriously. We process the personal data of our clients, customers, jobseekers, and staff members. Personal data is processed in connection to credit monitoring and management, and the provision of invoice lifecycle services.


Personal data is provided by our clients, customers, and staff members. Personal data can also be received from various registers that are available to the general public and from public registers. Our customers have no personal obligation to convey their personal data for our use.


We will process your personal data principally in the role of a controller as specified in more detail in the data protection regulation. We only process personal data based on valid legislation. The grounds for the processing is the implementation of the contract, our legal obligation, or a legitimate interest. If you have given a separate consent for the processing of your personal data, you can always cancel your consent.


The processing of personal data has been protected so that the protection methods meet the requirements laid down in data protection legislation. Especially sensitive personal data is processed even more carefully than normal. The processing of such personal data may be necessary, for example, in order to make legal demands at court.


We operate in Finland and do not convey personal data outside the European Economic Area. Personal data is mainly conveyed to the authorities. The staff has access to the data, but only to the extent that they need the said information in their work tasks. All members of our staff are committed to keep confidential all information they have received in connection to their employment.


We will only store your personal data for the period that it is necessary. The duration of the storing time will depend on the grounds for the personal data processing. When the grounds for the processing of personal data have expired, the data will be deleted in full and will no longer be available in any of our databases. Your personal data will not be processed by means of automated decision-making systems, as referred to in the data protection regulation.


If you want to inspect your personal data contained in our registers, correct a defect in the said data, restrict the processing of your personal data to a certain extent, request that your personal data be deleted in full or in part, or otherwise oppose to the processing of your personal data, please contact us by using the form found on our website. In our view, our processing of your personal data will not cause you any abnormal adverse consequences.

If we are affected by a security breach, we will immediately take the actions required by the data protection regulation in order to minimise the threat to your personal data. The principal method is to notify the data protection officer of the said breach. You always have the right to contact the data protection officer if we have not, in your view, acted in an appropriate manner when processing your personal data.


The privacy statement that can be found on this website provides more detailed information on the personal data processing that is implemented as part of our operations.


We maintain our data protection site up-to-date and update any observed defects as soon as possible.


Inspect your personal data

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