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Inspect your personal data

Inspect your personal data

To protect your personal data, we require that all fields of the following form be filled in. If not all fields of the form are filled in, we cannot match your data protection request with the data contained in our register.

A request to inspect your personal data can alternatively be submitted by mail to:

  • Uuva Oy, PL 164, FI-00701 Helsinki

Requests that are submitted by post must include a copy of your valid ID and a filled in copy of our data protection form. We will request you to confirm your request with a separate letter and in the same connection to provide an email address to which any requested data and the reply to your inquiry will be sent.

We will reply to all data protection inquiries and requests as soon as possible, however no later than one month after the request is sent.

Inspect your personal data by filling this form